Seeking a Steak Dinner in San Antonio

The city of San Antonio is known for historical tourist attractions, diverse music, and fine dining. Located in Texas, there are dozens of steakhouses from which to chose in the downtown area alone. If visiting the city for a vacation, research the options to make sure the family experiences the best steak dinner possible.

USDA Prime

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) grades beef based on fat marbling, age of the cow, and feed. USDA Prime is the most superior grade. It has the highest degree of fat marbling and derived from younger cattle. The marbling is what determines the tenderness, flavor, and juiciness.

This grade constitutes only two percent of all available beef in the country. It will not be found in regular grocery stores. Prime beef is only available at upscale butcher shops and fine dining establishments due to the high cost and rarity. When checking out options for steak, be sure to select a Prime Steakhouse San Antonio.


A steakhouse that has been distinguished with local or national awards is always a wise choice. Most awards are based on reviews or votes from people who frequent a particular restaurant after visiting several different ones. These are not given by tourists who happen to have one great meal. Locals who know the city and the restaurants do the voting. A few awards typically means you definitely want to make a reservation.

The local magazine, for example, announces the “Best of the City” for a number of categories. Search out the restaurant that has that distinction for 2016. Diner’s Choice and Open Table are member organizations that also present awards based on excellence. If the family has just enough time for one steakhouse, seek out the best one available.


Another component to explore is the range of choices on the menu. Most restaurants with a website post their menu so customers can browse it before they arrive. Some will offer two or three types of salads, while others will have five options. Entrees many include a few cuts of steak along with seafood, poultry, and pasta. An extraordinary restaurant will provide numerous main entrees to accommodate all tastes and preferences.


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